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Eca Serel Unicera 2019

İstanbul / Turkey

This exhibiton stand proposal was made for Eca Serel, one of the leader sanitaryware company in Turkey, to be located in Unicera 2019 Exhibition, the world’s second largest in its field. We aimed to create an appealing design to attract visitors around the space.To achieve that welcoming and appealing feeling in the stand we decided to use five colorful booths where the products can be displayed. Since these booths have only one solid surface we also achieve the transparency through the stand. In the middle of the stand there is an other attraction unit on which you can see the seasonal launching products of Eca Serel. This blue iconic box and lineer drop lights also represent water effect. The cafe which also functions an open meeting space has a welcoming ambiance.

  • Project Type: Exhibition Stand
  • Location: Istanbul / Turkey
  • Project Area: 750 m²
  • Provided Service: Concept / Design